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Autonomic is dedicated to increasing nurse wellness and preventing burn out in our nursing community

We will VERY soon offer online courses, ebooks, webinars and face to face group or 1:1 sessions.

For now click here to get some free resources:

Goal Setting PDF

How to Introduce yourself at work (good for student nurses!!)

Burn out is real and burn out is brutal.

Let us help you set up process to help prevent or treat burn out and get a renewed mindset for work.

Do it for you, do it for your colleagues and do it for your patients.

In the meantime:

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We are here for another fresh week of Nursing. This week we delve into the world of…







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Autonomic is owned and operated by Australian nurses who love nursing research.

Autonomic was started because we have always had a passion about improving patient care by empowering nurses.

We know the value that comes from improving our nursing knowledge and practice.

You benefit and your patients benefit.

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