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Morning Routines

Ok so now let’s go deeper:

As a beginner in this world I want you to remember the below:

Commit to it!

Don’t feel pressured to do it every day for the rest of eternity. If you need to ease into it set one or 2 days a week to try it out, before you move into completing the routine every day. BUT on the days that you are going to complete the routine, complete it!

It can be really hard, especially in the beginning, to not go back to old ways and hit that snooze button so you can lay in bed just a little longer. A worthy morning routine allows you enough time to actually enjoy and benefit from your new routine!

Please note that the amount of time can vary from person to person but could range anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. But I’ll allow a tiny 15 minutes one as we getting into this together. Be realistic- ease yourself into it. And most importantly don’t worry about what other people are doing.

What NOT to do

A morning routine should also consider things that you shouldn’t be doing. If you previously lay in bed and scrolled the news or your socials have a think if this is the best use of your time. First thing you are tuning out instead of tuning into you. If you give yourself some dedicated time off your phone you will find you have plenty of time to get through your routine.


If we allow ourselves time away from the screen and into a routine you will find you have plenty of moments Any body movement in the morning will be better than lying in bed on social media! We are actively waking up our muscles as well as our minds.

Be still

I believe in the yin and the yang! So after your movement I recommend you try some stillness. Think mediatation, deep breathing or prayer. Stillness will ground you, focus you and get your brain primed for action when you need it. A morning without stillness can feel rushed so I beg you to try it. Even 2 minutes worth!

Eat well.

While the importance of breakfast in our fasting obsessed world is waning I still recommend some meal planning for those who are breakfasting! A great healthy breakfast allows us to fuel our bodies and lead to more consistent energy over the day, plus it makes us more alert and focused to boot!

Examine Your Day

So my fav part- the lovely goal planning and task setting. As you wind up the other aspects of the morning routine you should move into the intentional examination of your day. This will give the control over your schedule. Be brutal in the importance of tasks which need completing. Not everything is a top priority. Remove the overwhelm from your day. Let the anxiety go as you know the task can and will be moved to a different day for completion. I recommend focusing on getting 3 main tasks for the day only. Then focusing on one thing at a time. Be really intentional on where your effort is, complete that then move on to the next. Juggling lots of tasks is very ineffective and will contribute to burn out!

Now lastly for this week… what happens if you aren’t a morning person?

Go slow but go go go. Design a morning routine so it is something you will consistently. Tiny steps towards a greater goal.

I recommend starting with a 2 minute in bed meditation then leap from there. 

Introduction to morning routines:

You may have seen a lot about morning routines of late. I had to have a lot of exposure before I converted to one. It always felt like something that someone else would do. I loved the idea but dreaded the execution, despite the benefits!

So yes it is established that they are a smart idea. I mean wouldn’t it be great to set up a routine or ritual even to try and start each day as perfect as possible. It may seem too good to be true but if you read widely into successful people there is one things that seems to unite them….

Yes you guessed it. Morning routines. A planned and perfected one to meet their unique needs, 

So what is a perfect morning routine… well that is a question as old as time. But together let us spend the next few weeks looking at what a routine is, what are the benefits and some suggestions that you may want to try on your journey is finding and building your perfect routine. 

Plus I may even touch on habit forming. We know all about habits but have you ever actully tried to form one on purpose? 

What does your current morning routine look like?

Do you tap on the sooze button a couple of times before a mad rush to get out of the door? Do you grab your phone on waking and flick through instagram? If you start with a rush or start with unfocused and unmindful tasks I can tell you that this isn’t the best start you can give yourself! Your day likely feels like a rush? Or do you feel a mild anxiety bubbling around the shoulders all day and flit from task to task? 

Look I get it. We are busy. We all have things we are responsible for and things we need to get done. We all often feel like we have no time to do anything. 

Well let me tell you a secret. Having a morning routine will make a world of difference in how you feel, how you achieve your goals, how organised you feel plus give you a delicious confidence boost.

Lets dig deeper

It is well known that morning routines can be a deal breaker for people having great, productive days. Or at least a mental deal breaker. A morning routine can change your mindset and outlook from there the whole world seems to slip into place properly. We all can’t design our jobs or have control at work BUT we can design our mornings and therefore be the designer of your life. Give yourself a primo opportunity to feel productive and on ball each day. Please. 

It is established that daily habits can be a real make or break in terms of productivity and achievement. We are what we do every day. So what are you doing every day? Are you giving yourself the best shot possible? 

So a couple of potential benefits coming at you;


So some of our great researching colleagues have found that workplace stress can be as bad for us as second hand smoke. Yes- a known carcinogen. So mix that with the current research showing that 80% of adults have at some point do or are experiencing workplace stress. Not an ideal mix. As stress increases our immune suffer- yes I’m talking colds, flus, allergies etc. Not ideal for being our best self. A morning routine is right there in setting up your day to decrease stress that will benefit you all day.


When we feel physically good often our emotional health will fall into line. Our emotional health can really be impacted by how we manage our days. 

When we are rushing with a loose plan or no plan that feeling of always being behind will chase you, you will be overwhled by the tasks, then the stress, sadness and frustrations come. These sensations if you don’t work on lessening them make lead you to feel hopeless like the tasks will never be achieved.

Starting the day with peace and calm AND productivity exercises will help you face the world with a more positive light and be hopefully be more resilient during times of stress.


How often do you, even if you aren’t meaning to, take your daily frustrations out on your partner or family members? You could do this by venting at them or even directing anger at them. With the use of a morning routine you will feel more productive and resilient and find you don’t need the nightly blow ups at your loved ones.


Now this is a personal fav of mine. A lovely morning routine sets the tone for the day. It gives us back the control over our lives and schedules rather than the other way around. We allow ourselves the space to prioritize our time, focus on required tasks and ultimately increase our productivity.  Increasing our productivity doesn’t just mean stuffing more tasks into your day. Its about giving quality time and intention to the crucial tasks you need to do and letting go of unneeded tasks.  Trust me- to tick off 4 out of 6 tasks is much better than half completing 6 of out 6 tasks.

Hot tip: keep a separate list of tasks to do as they pop up, don’t add to that day. You will get to them and will also allow you to prioritize all your tasks properly.


I don’t just mean feeling great in a new dress. I mean fostering a sense of self efficiency. Being proud of achieving your goals and completing required tasks. A belief that you can and will achieve them. Having a morning routine will give an opportunity to recognise your achievement and reinforce within you your own sense of self efficiency. Self-efficiency is a most wonderful thing. Again- help yourself to help others!

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