17 November 2019

Hello My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Others,

November rages on and what are we doing to look after ourselves in the downhill run to the end of the year.

Let look after ourselves and then look after others. Remember as a plane goes down you pop on your own oxygen first. Can’t help others when hypoxic. Literally or emotionally.

This is probably my favourite article from my 5 articles I selected this week. I read 5 burnout articles a week in my quest to help you all and become even more of an expert on the ‘situation’.

The pick of the day today looks at how organsiational constructs can impact on burnout of staff. It was concluded that no one single contruct prevents burnout ward wide. BUT it is did find that increasing social networking between the staff (multidisciplinary not just nurses) decreased nurses reported level of burnout.

We as nurses used to have such a wonderful post work community. A little drink at a local pub to debrief. I remember there were social nights out. This seems to sliding. These opportunities to debrief informally are priceless.

Do your ward a favour and organise a post work activity ASAP. Then tag me in your pictures because I love to see nurses having fun.
Click here to read the whole article.


Quick scrap of paper activity today.

So grab out your paper from last week.

Have a look at the ‘mind’ section.

Have you written anything in there? If not spend 5 mins (set a timer so it doesn’t go on and become a drag for you!) to write down things you could do to look after your mind.

Here are some tips if you need some extras:Take another route to work. Breaking your routine in small ways makes your ordinary day special.Wander in the city. Discover the other side of the city. Look for its beauty you have never noticed.Unplug for an hour. Switch everything to airplane mode. Disconnect from the technology. Bring yourself back to basics.Keep an journal. Write down your thoughts and whatever you find interesting. Record your day with words.Have a self-date. Spend some time doing something you really like. Watch a movie, visit a museum, or enjoy nature.Go cloud-watching. Relax and watch the sky. Perhaps with a bottle of fresh fruit juice.Do a mini-declutter. Pick one room or cupboard in your house and sort that thing out!Now select 3 and put an appointment into your diary to get them done. It may seem like a chore now but the more you do it the easier looking after yourself will get.


And now to finish on a light note. The team at Autonomic all love @nurse.blake (his instagram handle). Really funny and refreshing honest look at nursing. Do yourself a favour!!

Enjoy this coming week. And Happy Sunday. 

Love your work,

Beth x

P.S Please forward this to someone who need to fix a self care deficit. 
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