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Hi Brothers and Sisters!

If you don’t find in the hospital running my clinics and connecting with patients, I’ll be in our home office working on developing some great resources for our nursing brothers and sisters.

I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Medical Oncology and run several clinical trials plus I am a Nurse Mentor and Lifestyle Coach. I am passionate about guiding nurses to love where they are and where you want to go.

I want all nurses to embracing the journey and also invest in daily self-care.

Progress not perfection is essentially my own personal tag line! Perfection is not what anyone should be aimimg for and never should.  I love a focuson exercise (that fits your goals), delicious nutrition (that fits your flavours!) WITH a dab of mindset and self-care. These are the keys to a successful professional!

I support all nurses from students and novice nurses to nurses who have been caring for 40 years. No matter long you have been nursing for we all still help to navigate the path.

I love to support student nurses around how to function during your clinicals, during your new grad year and how to survive into the future.

Then I also love to discuss and show how to care and live on your days off

I am about all things nurses for the wards and also on their days off.

I struggled as a new grad. There is a huge expectation that you know what you are doing as soon as you are registered.

I had so many questions and nerves about how to survive and then once i could breathe I had SO many questions about what was coming next in my career.

I want to bring some light to topics that were not made clear to me and really help other nurses on their way into this profession of serving others. 

Years from now I want you to be feeling your best and loving your job. Burnout is real and I’m so sick of seeing AMAZING nurses burn out and leave this beautiful industry.

Invest in you and work with me to change your lifestyle and mindset on and off the wards now.

Being happy and satisfied inside and out is fad. I want to help set up practices you keep for your entire career. Its about ensuring that your lifestyle is able to bring long lasting satisfaction.


Ray is a Fellow of College of Nursing Australia. As well as being a member of the nurse registration body, the Victorian Nursing Council, he wrote about nursing and the internet in the Australian Nurses Journal in 1995.


Jenny is a 40 year veteran in nursing and edits Autonomic.

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