Pre Shift

Your alarm goes off. What time – 5? 6? Likely your morning shift starts at 7 am or 7:30 am right? Are you feeling rested? Are you mentally alert to safely handle the changing status of your patients over the day? 

What are you going to do in the next hour or so before your shift? Have you thought about this? 

Same for an afternoon or a night duty (Bless you! I didn’t last long on night duty!) what are your pre-shift behaviours- outside of putting your scrubs on and chucking your phone in your bag?

I want to make the pre-shift hours easier for you. Nurses who feel sufficiently recovered have less near misses and certainly make fewer mistakes at work. Quite literally what you do off shift can make a huge difference to someone’s life. 

A rushed and uninspired pre-shift can create a negative and unproductive shift. No thanks. 

So now with this new knowledge that your pre-shift behaviours can have a huge impact are you going to spend a few minutes assessing what you do? Will you look at including some more intentional and conscious behaviours to your pre-shift party?

I’ll share what is quite truly one of my most important pre-shift behaviours. 

  • On my walk from the car to the hospital, I play an upbeat and vibrant song. Something that lifts the spirit and makes you strut a little. I have a Pre Shift Pump Up playlist on Spotify if you want to peek. Click here. 
  • Write my 3 most pressing tasks for the day
  • Say a mantra in my mind while I get settled i.e. ‘It’s going to be a great day’ (I change the words most days!)

Share with me some of your pre-shift behaviours. Do it here or on my latest insta post. You just may inspire someone. 

What next?

Next week we will look at post shift recovery.

Also The Phoenix Protocol is a membership for nurses seeking guidance with life skills to cope on shift and off shift. The membership involves monthly masterclass videos, worksheets and much more. 

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