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FAQs- I’ve had a few.

So as many of you know I am a clinical trials nurse. I love data, that’s me. For the last year or so I have kept a spreadsheet on the questions I get sent including how many of the same questions. Yes I love spreadsheets. Below is a list of our most frequent FAQ’s and our answers.

And please DM me or email me beth@autonomic.com.au with more questions as I love to help and I love to add them to my spreadsheet.

P.S I will be holding a monthly Q&A session within ‘The Phoenix Protocol’. I’ll be asking my wonderful Angel members to send me their questions (nursing related, mindset related, shift recovery related, ANYTHING related!) and I’ll answer them. Sound like something you are interested in? Check out this page for more info and sign up for our V V special Foundation Member launch price. 

  1. Does completing our course count towards CPD?

This question is obviously for Australian nurses only. I am in contact with AHPRA for a more clear confirmation. If you read the continuing education sheets then it clearly says that personal development can count towards your hours. If you are able to write about how the course work from Love Your Work or our upcoming membership ‘The Phoenix Protocol’ can be related to work, then I would argue that you are within your rights to claim the hours you spend reading as part of your CPD. As always contact AHPRA if you want to confirm. 

  1. I have to register from overseas. What is the process?

I get this one surprisingly often and seem to get DM from nurses that haven’t trained here wanting to register. This really isn’t my area of expertise. My recommendation is to contact AHPRA (web address) to get the info right from the source. What I do know is that it is a rollercoaster and can take a long time. If you are wanting to come and nurse here and if you have trained overseas start the process now. Best of luck Angels. Can’t wait to see you on the wards. 

3 I don’t have experience but want a job which says you need some.

I got this one a lot. So I decided to write a longer response. 

Check it out here.

4 I have a bullying/difficult staff member on my ward

Sadly this is another one which we get too often. A difficult staff member or someone you would call a bully is most certainly someone who is unhappy in their role. They are a person you do not want to copy. It can be incredibly difficult to not take this behaviour personally. But it is not about you. Never has, never will be. 

I cover how to deal with a bullying staff member in our ‘The Autonomic Companion’ in addition to many other stress inducing work situations. If you want to feel on top of things by your next shift, if you want to have exact actions to follow then I suggest you check this out. 

5 I have clinical placement coming up for uni and I’m nervous 

The stress is real. Oh yes the stress is real. 

Here are some of my best tips:

-Focus on what could go right (Do not focus on the opposite of that). Make a list of what you want to achieve and let that be your focus instead of the butterflies.

-Be prepared. Research and learn about the area which you have been placed in. I want you to know some of the main medications used on the ward. I want you to know some of the conditions you may come across on the ward. Nothing calms wired nerves like preparedness. 

-Try some chill, use meditation for 5-10 days before the placements start to really get the heart beating slower and the chill vibes around you. 

-Look after yourself. I mean organise a healthy lunch to take with you. Ensure you are getting enough sleep before placements and also during them. And exercise. Get those feel good endorphins flowing. It will help. 

-Also ease into the nerves. You know they are probably going to be there, so prepare yourself for the big exciting undertaking that’s coming. You got this.

Head over to our website and download ‘The Art of Introductions’ as a great reminder and guide on how to approach all the new people you will meet during your placements. 

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