Why you need to join our Masterclass

On the 18th of August, we will be holding a free Masterclass. 

Are you familiar with Masterclass? 

A Masterclass is a special class run by an educator for a group of talented people. 

And guess what? 

You are very talented people and I think you can go far and make a real change to your life and others. 

Also, this Masterclass will give you a little sneak peek of what a month in ‘The Phoenix Protocol’ would be like. 

You know The Phoenix Protocol- our upcoming membership which is going to change lives. 

For those not familiar The Phoenix Protocol is a monthly membership we will be launching in late August. 

The first bundle of goodness will hit your inboxes on the 1st Sept. 

Each month you will receive:

  • a prerecorded masterclass choc-a-block with the info you can implement from your next shift. The aim is to make your work life easier as well as your home life. Topics will include work-based skills, life skills and more.
  • We will provide worksheets to consolidate learning.
  • You will be granted VIP access to our Facebook group for our most engaged nurses all wanting to improve their careers and thrive in life. 
  • Monthly workplace-based challenges to stretch you at work to grow. 

Sign up to our exclusive waitlist for more info on how the Phoenix Protocol can change your life on and off shift. 

P.S. Enjoying work has as much to do with what you do pre and post shifts and on your days off as it does about finding the right job for you. 

We would love for you to join us for our FREE Masterclass which will be released on 18th August. 

The August Masterclass is on our signature formula for how to find your place and love your work again. 

Sign up here for the link to join us. What do you have to lose?

I leave you today with these questions.

If not now then when?

Why won’t you start taking even a small step to live your best life?

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