Accept? I get this. This could be very annoying BUT it is the key to fostering an intentional, successful and conscious career which will help you to get the best out of life. It can seem wrong and uncomfortable to accept something that isn’t exactly what you want. But perhaps the answer is to look at acceptance rather than complacency, because then you will have developed the ability to have a positive attitude to accepting situations.

Here are a few ways you could do this:

  1. Think of it as a learning process. Your initial reaction might be that it is impossible to accept something but allowing yourself to feel that way you can then relax into it. Acceptance should not be a forced view but a process to go through in stages. 
  2. See things for what they are. Sometimes when people refuse to accept something it is because they refuse to acknowledge that this is what nursing is. Or that the type of nursing they have chosen is really like that. Trying to have a calm and organised workplace in ED isn’t going to happen. So make sure you aren’t expecting something which won’t come true. Don’t lose touch with reality. 
  3. Don’t take things personally. It is easy to be a victim of an experience but some situations aren’t related to you. Remove yourself physically and/or mentally if needed. 
  4. Don’t think acceptance is a statement of your work preference. Accepting something today is not stating to the world that this job, this role, is your preference forever. 
  5. Allow yourself to relax into reality. Think ‘it is not great but it is okay- for now’.
  6. Accept what you can today as this is something you do for yourself. By accepting it today you take away a constant daily stressor which would otherwise bother you. Remind yourself it is not forever to accept it today. 
  7. Recognise what you can learn from acceptance. Find the silver lining.
  8. Practice detachment from your thoughts. Don’t let a thought engulf you about what you are accepting. This doesn’t mean dismissing things as not valid. It is giving them less power if you view them as something separate than you. 

It is not always easy to accept something which isn’t ‘right’. But it is possible to be more relaxed and adjust to it. Especially if you have a plan for what’s next. Always be forward-facing and remember ‘the only constant is change’. 

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