What is it you REALLY require?

Many moons ago I was trying to work out where my nursing career was going. I knew I loved nursing. I loved oncology nursing. But I was tired. I was worn out. I wasn’t giving what I should. My patients and my colleagues deserved more. Over a couple of weeks, I started to develop a method of approaching my work and prospects with a formula to help bring all my thoughts together.

This formula is Requirements, Change and Accept. Which I like to call ‘Operation RCA’.

I have very little doubt that if you apply this formula when approaching your work, then your work enjoyment will increase and therefore your life outside of work will flourish.

Today we look at the first step:


This word can take in a few different directions but that is ultimately the beauty of individual requirements. These are going to be incredibly different for each person.

I suggest you start here and go through the following list but make sure you add what is important to you on the list too.


I have put this first as it is the most important. Start here to help pave the path so the rest will flow.

By values, I’m referring to your values. Personal values are important. They are a part of us. They highlight what we stand for and what we represent. Essentially a list of our unique essences. When we live in a way which isn’t congruent with our values we will end up with bad habits and poor outcomes at work and home. Finding out your values  will help you identify what motivates you and from here the magic happens.

For the comprehensive list of personal values click here to get them.

After you have looked at your values you are ready to continue:

Expectations (what do you expect from work)

10 ideas to get you going but you can always add more to your list.

Ø  Hours

Ø  Location

Ø  Pay

Ø  Acuity

Ø  Shifts

Ø  Patient contact

Ø  Education

Ø  Community

Ø  Career opportunities

Ø  Challenges

Sit with this activity. Complete it once. Then put it away and come back to it tomorrow. Read the values list again. Ponder on what you want from work and what you want work to give to you.

Next week we look at:


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