How to discover your nursing niche today.

From the days of Florence Nightingale, we have become nurses straight from school and stayed in that area for years. Well, the future is now and you don’t have to be so passive with your career. You can discover and create your own path.

In my experience, many nurses are simply unhappy at work because they aren’t in an area suited to them or their requirements. Don’t let this be you. It’s not nursing, it’s your current role! 

During June we will be looking at nursing niches. What they are. If you need one. How to identify if it is time to find a new niche. What skills you need and how to move them around niches. And finally how you should be doing passion not passive to find your place. 

Did you know that nursing has over 200 sub-specialities? And this list is ever-growing. So WHICH ONE WILL YOU CHOOSE?

No pressure. But let me tell you a secret. You don’t need to pick it today. It is not easy to decide on a niche to settle in for the long term. And to be honest you don’t really even need to think about the job you will have in 40 years. With your constantly evolving self and also the wild speed of the healthcare landscape. It would be almost silly to think that you will stay in one place for your whole career. 

I am not here to be your career counsellor and give you a list of job options. I am here to teach you how to be your own.

Many people often tell me about what they don’t want. But fewer people can tell me about what they do want. So do yourself a favour and stop right now and have a think about the most important requirements for your ideal job? Close your eyes now and tell me where you picture yourself. I use this little visualisation in my ‘An introduction to finding your nursing niche’ worksheet. Click here to get it straight into your inbox. 

Finding your niche may change your life. You change over your life so why wouldn’t requirements for your job change? I would recommend a yearly (if not more often!) check-in with yourself. Prior to now how have you picked your nursing area?  Tell me do you have a tendency to move towards a goal or away from a problem? Would you say that you are proactive about your career rather than reactive to things that happen to you? 

There are people who are forward-looking, self-motivated and focused on achieving a goal (i.e finding their ideal work environment) and clear about what they want to achieve. They are focused, good at managing their priorities and excited about the future. 

And then there are those who aren’t natural problem solvers. They analyse risks, looking at what should be avoided and what needs to be addressed. They can be distracted from their goal if they have one. 

Have you picked who you are yet?  You may find that you feel a bit column A and a bit column B. Have you decided if one is right or wrong?  

But just hold up and look at the context here. Have a think about a health goal, you may start going to the gym if you don’t like how you look in the mirror, or how you feel in your too-tight jeans. You are problem-solving here. 

While at work your motivation for hard work is that you can learn more and expand your skills to increase your career opportunities. You are forward-looking here. See how there is really no right way to problem solve. Finding the way that suits you to help you find your niche.

If you think you need a little more direction in how to love your work then please click here to access our ‘Love Your Work’ course.  A punch packed short email-based course on loving your work through burnout and compassion fatigue prevention, job selection and self-care.  

Love your work

Beth x

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