Make time

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But leisure activities require leisure time, and who’s got that? Let’s face it, the afternoon in the armchair probably isn’t happening, even if somebody else takes care of dinner. Finding time to read generally means making time to read, and that means making it a priority. If you can incorporate the gym into your regular routine, you can incorporate quality time with a book too. 

How to tap your inner reader – New York Times

The above article speaks directly about reading. Now reading is my most favourite hobby and it has been sadly lacking in the last few years.

However you can add any outside of work activity in it’s place if you want. Pick a hobby, something which is important to you and MAKE the time.

Time is not going to appear. You will have schedule it and stick to it. If it is important to you, make it important to you.

P.S Send me book suggestions- my to-read list is always open.

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