Professional development is essential for nurses to improve patient care and themselves.

Nurses do this by being up to date with the latest nursing knowledge.

Nursing knowledge that is backed by evidence which uses nursing science.

Nursing science that is backed by evidence using research

But who has the time to do that?

And then there are the difficulties and time required in accessing and searching for relevant information.

No one makes it easy to do until now.

Autonomic will deliver to you once a week a short message with useful information that nurses can use to improve patient care and themselves.

The message will provide a link to further information in a journal article.

And you will receive this useful information via email 40 times a year.

Here is an example of the emails that you will receive. Also here and here.

The least effective way to change nursing practice and patient care are expensive conferences and seminars.

The Autonomic team are nurses with many years of experience, 

We have been in the situation where we have needed nursing information and could not easily access it.

80% of evidenced based research relevant to clinical nursing practice is never actually seen by a nurse who could use it. 

Getting a weekly email is a time effective way to get that information and meet your continuing professional development hours.

It has the advantage of being flexible and asynchronous. 

(ie. when information comes to you and you don’t have to be there when the information is being initially shared).

What you receive is the latest research from leading local and international researchers about nursing practice.

So that you can increase your knowledge and enhance your practice for you and your patients

The cost to subscribe to this exclusive offer is only $59.95 per year – for a short time only there is a 30 day free trial.

So when you sign up you will need to enter a credit card but it will not be charged until after the first 30 days – if you cancel before then, no charge occurs.

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